Monday, November 21, 2011

Describe the social, psychological, philosophical, and physical factors that drive our food choices.

     The food choices we select, crave, and eat are driven by psychological, philosophical, social, and physical choices factors. Psychological factors include our mood, stress levels, and whether we are dieting or eating freely. Social factors are based on our culture, eating habits, family, and meal patterns. Growing up, our food choices were merely based on a vegan diet, absolutely no sugar, and only water and tea for beverage. During that time, what we ate and the way we ate was not given a second thought. My extended family on the other hand, shared and prepared meals for every occasion. It was tradition, to explore our ethnicity in the foods prepared, shared, and eaten. Sizer & Whitney points out, “sharing ethnic food can be symbolic: people offering foods are expressing a willingness to share cherished values with others" (2011). Socio-economic status is also a determinant of food choice. Low-income families have a tendency to consume high cholesterol high sugar foods and snacks, as well as a lower intake of fruits and vegetables.

Sizer, F. & Whitney, E. (2011).  Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies (12th ed.).  Mason, OH: Cengage Learning